Photo Editing

Creating The Right Look And Feel To Your Cherished Photos

Photo Editing

Photos come from a wide variety of cameras whether its film, photos, hand-held cameras or DSLR of all qualities but the beauty of the shot comes from you. We can all achieve an amazing shot but sometimes we can manufacture that too.

Editing a photo shouldn’t take away from the splendour of your shot but we sometimes like to change the mood, to clarify or highlight areas which you want to stand out. Editing can also bring out something amazing in a photo which you might have overlooked.

We take a 3 step approach to getting the best out of any picture;


Every picture can go through this process whether you think it needs it or not. What you might think is a perfectly good photo can often be improved by enhancing the details. Sometime changing the tone, temperature or exposure can achieve the enhancement the photo requires.


Sometimes you're able to take a photo which is close to perfect apart from an unwanted object or person stepping into the shot. Removing these objects whether it be cropping or clever editing without losing any part of the picture will give you the postcard look you're after.


This is an optional step but one which is increasing in popularity due to the advent of photo editing application across all computer & mobile platforms. Effects primarily affect the moods of your photo as well as giving them a different feel.

Before & After Examples

A beautiful foyer opening. Moving the obstracting pillar, adding an addition downlight & removing signs. With the additional colour grading it boosts the mood of this portrait.

Original man holding beer
Processed with logo and Lightroom presets

The perfect scene. Removing all the tourist & the railing whilst boosting the haze in the hills. We enhance the surrounds with more vabrant colours, directional lighting whilst leaving the couple perfectly lit.

Baltic seashore - unprocessed original photo
Baltic seashore - sepicol Lightroom preset by

Their first kiss as a married couple. Removing the paparazzi.

Dogs playing in the sea - unprocessed original photo
Dogs playing in the sea using Lightroom presets

At a busy tourist location we remove everyone and obstructions to leave the couple looking as if they were the only ones there.

Dogs playing in the sea - unprocessed original photo
Dogs playing in the sea using Lightroom presets

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