Impressions Collection

Pushing Photos Beyond Their Reality

Impressions Collection

A great photo plus artwork gives what we call Impressions.

Photos often casts a mood which reflects on the feel of a situation or occasion to which photo editing can enhance further. However if you want something magical then turn them into works of art and really give some soul to your photo. A true fine art feel.

Using a similar approach to this service as we do our photo editing, the photo will initially be colour corrected before removing imperfections. From there we will judge what the photo is trying to reflect before applying the appropriate artwork.

Your impression can be combined with any of our wall mounted products to ensure your picture takes centre stage in your home for everyone to admire.

Before & After Examples

When we edit Impressions we take a photo & building the elements, retoning, relighting for that fine art look. The below example shows a simple step by step process of how it is done.

Below are a few more before & after sample of our Impressions Collection.

The addition of light haze from the grand windows gives the portrait an atmospheric feel.

Portrait with dramatic light haze
Original stair portrait

This scene was enhanced with the addition of a famous volcano on the island, moody skies & carefully placed clouds.

Baltic seashore - unprocessed original photo
Baltic seashore - sepicol Lightroom preset by

Shot originally at midday with harsh lighting. We replaced the sky it gives the photo a romantic evening feel with refocus lighting throughout.

Dogs playing in the sea - unprocessed original photo
Dogs playing in the sea using Lightroom presets

Shot on a cold, wet, winters day. We turn the feeling of this photo to a warm evening golden hour with dramatic clouds.

Dogs playing in the sea - unprocessed original photo
Dogs playing in the sea using Lightroom presets

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