Location Photography

Photo Shoots With Infinite Possibilities

Location Photography

A creative mind and a meaningful place will bring out the most memorable story in your photographs. To create or even recreate a story in your photos you will need characters, a location (indoor or outdoor), objects and the mood from lighting. These features can be blended within an unlimited range of combinations you feel works best for this type of shoot plus we are not limited to the area of a back drop.

A location shoot is a perfect all year round option. Whether it is with family or with that special someone in your life we look to give you photos that you can love, treasure and share.

These shoots are enormous fun so you'll be sure to be treasure every captured moment.

So, what is needed for a successful shoot?

- A conversation to tell us about your ideas for the shoot.
- Discuss when & with whom you'd like it to be with.
- Throw in ideas of possible shoot locations & to check for suitability & permissions.
- Dress & props options.
- Flexibility from us and client to work around possible factors such as variable weather conditions or other obstructions.