Photo Editing

Building your photos piece by piece.



What do you do with thousands of photos from your wedding? What about hundreds of photos from your latest holiday? How about all of your child’s photos taken before their first birthday? Or even one photo or picture which you can’t get enough off?

A mosaic could be a wonderful option.

Mosaics are made from broken pieces but they’re still works of art and so are you.

From your set of pictures we will sort, organise and manipulate to make up your one chosen photo.

Close-up you will be able to see every one of your pictures, from afar you can see your photo come together in beautifully artistic way. So whether the main picture is people or scenery you will have something unique and memorable to share with those who are around.

How do we make our mosaics?

  • Prepare the file work area for output.
  • Files resized and layout.
  • Set chosen picture to layout.
  • Set pictures into best matched areas.
  • Apply mosaic pattern .

If you are interested in a mosaic then contact us and we can guide you on how we can produce the best and most meaningful mosaic for you to put up on your wall.



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