Photo Editing

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Black & White Colourising

Ever wondered what an olden day photo would be like if it had a splash of colour added to it. To help give it a more modern feel we can add colour to what is originally is taken in black & white, which is also a perfect complement to our photo restoration services.

It doesn’t have to be an old photo either. Plenty of photos are still taken in black and white for which you might think would look good in full or partially coloured.

Although these conversions aren’t the perfect colour representations we will still attempt to match what we think are the correct colours all over the picture from the landscape to the colour of the cloths and even tone of skin.

Give your old black and white pictures a modern look & your new ones a unique and fresh feel.

These are the steps we take to restore your photos

  • Prepare the file work area for output.
  • Pre photo lighting & strength for colour.
  • Apply colour.
  • Adjust colour tones for best match.
  • Post highlight & shadow colour corrects.

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