Photo Editing

Evoking memories with story books designed by us & finished by you.


Album Design

A story can read a thousand words. A picture can speak a thousand words. So what better way to powerfully combine both by saying the most with the least with our Story books.

These story books can tell a story of one’s life in an hour (a studio photo shoot); a day (weddings); a week (an event); a year (travelling the world); a lifetime (family history).

Our designs are template free which means that photos can be positioned, sized & blended to the most appealing & effective layout possible. This method of design, although more time consuming, is far more pleasing.

Taking your selection of photos we’ll design draft of your album & send you PDF’s version for review. We will add, edit or remove anything you wish to the design until your book is how you want it to be.

Together with our design work we also manufacture story books from the start of design to your final product being delivered albums are in good hands.

Whats required for these designs

  • Prepare the file work area for output.
  • Gather chosen photos 80-120 photos.
  • Design pages in chronological order or clients specifications.
  • Produce drafts for corrections until final approval.

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